Arrival is the first episode of Butterfly Valley. It is also considered the pilot episode.


Rose and Petunia are playing on the playground of their school, when they are picked on by a group of bullies. After that, they hear a small voice.

They look around, wondering where the voice came from, and see a small monarch butterfly.

The butterfly reveals herself to be Princess Butterfly, and gives them a magical flower they can use to enter their kingdom whenever they wish.

The two use the flower and enter Butterfly Valley. The two are stunned to see such a beautiful world around them, and begin to play. They then meet a little blue caterpillar named Bluebell, who then turns into a little girl. She reveals she is a young Butterfly Fairy who has not yet earned her wings.

After this, Princess Butterfly turns into her true form, shocking the two children.

She takes them to the kingdom, and introduces them to the village of butterflies, who promptly turn into fairies. She explains she is in charge because her parents are trying to make peace with the kingdom Beehive.

Suddenly, some dark storm clouds appear, and the fairies all turn back into butterflies and hide in shelters, with Princess Butterfly shrinking the twins so they can hide as well.

When the two ask why everyone is hiding, Bluebell explains that the storm clouds were the result of troll magic, and that trolls were invading.

However, one woman begins to panic because her child is missing. Princess Butterfly goes out to search for the lost child, and the twins and Bluebell follow, with Bluebell turning the twins back to normal size.

Princess Butterfly finds the missing child, but is captured by the trolls, along with the others.

They are brought before King Boogieman, who instantly falls in love with Princess Butterfly, and asks her to marry him. Disgusted, she refuses, to which King Boogieman replies, "Well, too bad. I only asked to be polite. You don't actually have a choice in this. You'll be my lovely queen."

The twins, not knowing what to do hold hands, and suddenly a beam of light shoots out and hits King Boogieman. With their newfound power, they help Pincess Butterfly, Bluebell, and the missing child escape and return to Butterfly Valley.

Princess Butterfly thanks the two, who then go home, and gain the courage to stand up to the bullies who were picking on them, defending a young boy from them.