Princess Butterfly
Early appearance
Gender Female
Voice Phobie Lawerence
Relatives Queen Monarch, King Swallowtail, Princess Mari and Prince Posa, Prince Breadfly

Princess Butterfly is the ruler of Butterfly Valley and the butterfly fairies in the absence of her parents, who are making peace negotiations with The Rulers of Beehive.


In her Fairy form, she is a young woman with brown hair (covered by a purple striped bonnet in the first five episodes), and black wings with yellow stripes in the first few episodes, which were later replaced with Monarch Butterfly wings.

She wears a purple dress and a magic crystal amulet.

Like all fairies in the show, her eyes are black circles.


In the first five episodes, she acts like a stereotypical princess, with no personality or motivation other than her kindness and desire to help her people. However, in the sixth episode, she experiences a drastic change in personality, becoming immature, and playfully mischievous, yet responsible and hot-tempered, but still kind and desiring to help her people.


She is very powerful, able to use her fairy magic to make food, make plants grow (even creating a forest made of giant flowers), create magical barriers, and transform herself and others. However, no matter what she disguises herself as, King Boogieman always recognizes her.

She also is a skilled artist.


  • It is interesting to note the only two characters who showed any kind of romantic interest in her were both villains. This is unusual for a princess character, and unusual for a children's show.
  • In some scenes, the animators forget to draw her wings.
  • Her Magic crystal pendant is usually missing when not being used.