Bluebell discovers why Princess Butterfly turned evil, and she, the Twins, several trolls and fairies, Buggle, and King Boogieman go to find the real crystal.

They find it in Frank's hide-out, but Frank promptly destroys it. They then learn from the origin of the crystal, and where they can find another much like it, called the True Crystal, which can banish evil from its wearer.

They journey through an abandoned castle, and find the crystal, but it is encased in a magical barrier that they are unable to break. Then a voice emenates and explains that only love can break the barrier. King Boogieman tries desperately to get the crystal, but is unable. All of the heroes begin to cry, and their tears break the barrier, because the tears were proof that they all loved Princess Butterfly.


In reruns of the episode, many parts were taken out due to the dark nature of many of the inhabitants of the abandoned castle, including a wide range of monsters. In one scene, they have to get a key from a rotten corpse. These scene was taken out.