This episode was banned because of a girl in the episode who was in a bikini, which was considered innapropriate for a children's show. There also was one scene that some parents thought was suggestive, although it was never intended to be.


The carnival has come to town, including The Jolly Jugglers Jamboree. The leader of the Juggling act, Jolly Juggler, is a powerful warlock, and his neice, Jane Juggler, is an old friend of Princess Butterfly.

However, Frank ruins the fun when he invades a village of mice to steal some gems which he believes powers Jolly Juggler's magic.


  • Jane Juggler looks almost exactly like Susan Siren from Candle Cove


  • Something Jolly Juggler said caused some brief controversy. At one point, one of his sentances ("Do you double runners want some of the big top's treat?")  was mistaken by parents as a message to run away and join the carnival (or circus), due to it being a murmured and including some of the made up cant...however, it was revealed he was merely asking Rose and Petunia if they wanted some cotton candy ("Double" meant two, "runners" was a word meaning kids, as kids run around a lot, and "big top's treat" referred to cotton candy, which is usually only served at special events such as carnivals and circuses, so he was actually saying, "Do you two kids want some cotton candy?") and he can be seen giving them cotton candy in a later scene.
    • In later releases, a scene was added where the twins became confused, and Princess Butterfly translated what Jolly said.
  • Jane Juggler's bikini caused the episode to be banned in some areas
    • As a result, in later releases her bikini was edited to resemble a one-piece swimsuit.