The Kingdom is preparing for the wedding of Frank and Princess Butterfly, when it is revealed she will be marrying King Boogieman. The people are confused, but Bluebell and the Twins explain why she is marrying King Boogieman.

Princess Butterfly asks Bluebell, Rose and Petunia to be the flower girls, and they gladly agree.

They are then introduced to a fairy boy in Troll armor, revealed to be a grown up Buggle, who is going to be the ring bearer.

During the episode, Buggle develops a crush on and childishly flirts with Petunia.

The wedding then begins, but Frank storms out of his room, only to find that Princess Butterfly is being married  to King Boogieman. Enraged, he casts a spell just as the two are about to kiss, killing Princess Butterfly. King Boogieman, broken hearted and depressed, begins to cry over her body. He then kisses Princess Butterfly, who is then revived by love's first kiss.

The two are then declared married.

Frank then begins to attack the valley, but is fought by King Boogieman, Buggle, the Troll Army, and the Butterfly Fairy army.

Eventually, Rose and Petunia use their power to send a powerful blast at Frank, forcing him to retreat.