King Boogieman wakes up to hear crying. He goes to his doorstep, furious, and finds a baby fairy left there. There is a note in the basket from the Stork, congratualating a Mrs. Lilac, and informing her it was a boy.

King Boogieman, shocked, does not know what to do, and decides to take care of the baby, and sends his guards to look for the real mother, hoping that Princess Butterfly hears about it and is impressed with his kindness to the child.

However, it turns out Mrs. Lilac had given the wrong address to the Stork on purpose, because she didn't want to care for the child, and would rather travel and play games all the time. Princess Butterfly scolds Mrs. Lilac for her irresponsibility, and storms off to find the child, promising herself to find a good home for the child.

Meanwhile, King Boogieman has trouble caring for the child, but begins to bond with him, and names him Buggle. Princess Butterfly comes in just as King Boogieman is rocking the child to sleep, singing him a Troll lullaby about fire.

King Boogieman looks up to see Princess Butterfly, and becomes sad as he thinks the real mother wants Buggle back.

Princess Butterfly explains the situation, and it is decided King Boogieman is better suited to take care of the child.

After Princess Butterfly leaves, King Boogieman realizes he could have trapped Princess Butterfly there, but decides to let her go.


  • Buggle becomes a regular occurring character, although is much older during the rest of the series.
  • This episode may have been made to help viewers transition once King Boogieman later reformed.
  • The episode was temporarily banned because of the theme of a mother not wanting her child, which was considered unacceptable for a children's show. However, the ban was later lifted after the animator's argued that Dr. Suess's Horton Hatches the Egg was similiar, and the theme wasn't a mother not wanting her child, but a Mother refusing to accept responsibility for the child.
    • The episode was almost banned again after many children became disturbed by the idea of a Mother not loving her child, so the episode was adjusted in some versions so that Buggle was left on the doorstep by an evil step-mother