Gender Male
Voice Benjamin Underwood
Relatives Unknown
The Vizier is the only known Moth Fairy in the series. Not much is known about him, except that he watches over the Kingdom when Princess Butterfly is unable to do so. He apparently also took care of the child in her parents absence.


He is polite, but overly worried all of the time, still thinking of Princess Butterfly as a little girl.

He is very wise, and often has good advice for the characters.


He is able to turn into a white moth.

He is elderly with two white moth wings folded in the same way as a moth's, somewhat resembling a cape. He has a large, white curled moustache that covers the entire bottom half of his face, and his head is bald. Like all fairies, his eyes are two black dots. He also has a wrinkle under each eye. He often wears a blue suit with pink ruffles.