In their world, Rose and Petunia meet a new boy in their class named Tommy Trouble, who enjoys using his slingshot to break things, and misbehaves greatly.

He sees them go into Butterfly valley one day, and becomes curious. The next day, he sneaks behind them, and grabs on to Rose, and consequently is taken to Butterfly valley, where he begins causing trouble.

Meanwhile, King Boogieman sets up an obvious trap for Princess Butterfly to fall into. However, Princess Butterfly does not fall for it, and stands next to it laughing and making fun of the obvious trap (which even has a sign next to it that says, "This is not a trap"), to the dismay of King Boogieman who is hiding in the bushes (he exclaims "I spent several hours on that trap, the least she could do is fall for it!").

While she is doing this, however, Tommy decides to try and break her magic crystal. He misses, and knocks Princess Butterfly into the trap. Delighted, King Boogieman grabs her and takes her back to Troll Kingdom.

Tommy, realizing what happened was his fault, runs back to Butterfly valley to tell Rose and Petunia what he had done. The three then go to Troll Kingdom in disguise as trolls.

Princess Butterfly is being kept in a cage, where a tailor is trying to measure her for a wedding dress. King Boogieman is holding her crystal, rendering her without magic and virtually helpless.

Tommy uses his slingshot to open the cage (after missing the first time and hitting the tailor). He then uses his slingshot to knock the crystal out of King Boogieman's hand, which Petunia catches and gives to Princess Butterfly, who turns the heroes into birds and leads them back to Butterfly Valley.

Tommy is returned to his world, along with the twins. Tommy puts his slignshot away, and takes an apple to school to give to the teacher, who is greatly surprised by his sudden good behaviour. When questioned, Tommy explains his troublemaking ways almost hurt someone, so he was going to try and behave from then on.


  • This is the first time the children's teacher is shown, and the second time they are shown in school.