It is Valentine's day, and everyone in Butterfly Valley is celebrating. However, the fun is ruined when Princess Butterfly, after falling asleep do to sleep deprivation, is kidnapped by King Boogieman.

When she wakes up, she is in a room full of flowers.

She tries to escape by turning into a mouse and crawling out, but she is spotted by an old fat cat. While running, her crystal falls off, leaving her unable to transform. Just before the cat gets her, King Boogieman sweeps her up, and locks the cat in a cage. He then finds Princess Butterfly's pendant, but does not give it back just yet, wanting to talk to her.

He locks himself and Princess Butterfly into a room. Furious, Princess Butterfly demands to know why he wants to kidnap and marry her so badly.

King Boogieman explains that trolls were supposed to be unable to love, and when he saw her, he merely became attracted. However, as he kidnapped her multiple times, he began to feel more, and believes what he is feeling is love.

He gives her pendant back and asks her to stay, but she says she has to take care of her kingdom, and that they need her, making King Boogieman sad.

Feeling sorry for him, she says maybe one day, she will see him the same way he sees her.

She is the rescued by Rose and Petunia, and King Boogieman swears that one day that will happen, no matter what it takes.


This is the first time King Boogieman is portrayed in a non-villainous way.