This episode was a scrapped idea that would have drastically changed seasons three and four. It never made it past being a storyboard, but was included on some VHS releases as a bonus along with interviews.


Princess Butterfly and Frank are wed. After the wedding, Frank reveals his true nature, now having enough power to take over the world.

Princess Butterfly is digusted by his trickery, and tries to run away.

Frank suddenly becomes concerned about Princess Butterfly, and goes after her.

He tries to convince her that the world would be a better place under his rule, claiming he would put an end to all wars, and use his magic to end world hunger, but she will not listen, and points out that he would have to start a very large war where many people would die in order to take over the world, thus making it clear his ending all wars argument is somewhat pointless. She then sets off to find a way to defeat him.

However, in her quest, she is nearly killed by a giant monster, and Frank goes to save her. However, in order to defeat the monster, he would have to use up almost all his magic, and be unable to take over the world. He chooses to save Princess Butterfly, and gives up all his plans. However, it is not enough, and Rose and Petunia have to use their power to deliver the final blow to the monster.

He then apologizes to Princess Butterfly for using her, and the two go home.